Why use a business consultant?                          
Statistics show that a franchise business is 10 times more likely to succeed because they have the benefit of a support team. We serve as your ongoing support team and resource center for any specific needs you may have.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. Our services are flexible and customized to your businesses. Some of our clients need ongoing support and some require short-term project management.

I’m a small business. Can I afford your services?
We specialize in working with small businesses and helping them grow. We will develop a customized plan that fits your budget.

What categories of business do you work with?
Our consultants have experience with a number of different categories including dental, medical and chiropractic practices, manufacturing, heating and air, plumbing, electrical, construction and remodeling services, food services, retail, automotive, sports and entertainment and non profits.

Do I meet with consultants in person or on the internet?
Both. We offer in-person consulting supported by regular online meetings. We also work with some clients 100% online via our internet based services. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible and this helps to save time and travel costs.

What is the difference between your firm and advertising and marketing agencies?
Marketing agencies focus only on marketing without regard to expenses, sales processes or customer acquisition That often leads to over spending and less efficient use of your marketing budget. It can even lead to angry customers.

Eastpark makes marketing recommendations based on the full scope of your business goals. For example, if your sales team has a problem closing sales, that needs to be fixed before spending money on marketing for lead generation.

Our focus is to help you to increase profits and that includes using the right marketing mix at the right time to help you end up with the strongest bottom line!

All of my HR work is being done by my assistant who has no real training in that field. I’m worried we could get in trouble for missing something.
This is one of the most common HR situations our team deals with and you are right to be concerned. In a case like this, our consultant will perform an HR audit and let you know where you need to make improvements. We provide direction and guidance that will allow your assistant to move forward with confidence. If needed, we can provide training in key areas.

Why do I need to do more social media? It’s time consuming and I’m not sure I see how it can drive my bottom line.
For starters 78% of sales people who use social media sales techniques outperform their peers and more likely to achieve their sales goals. However only 1 in 4 know how to use it properly to generate sales. In addition social media is an effective and inexpensive way to interact and market to your customers. A professional social media strategy can pay huge dividends for little expense.