What is SEM and SEO and what is the difference

SEM is Search Engine Marketing.  It basically refers to everything you pay for such as Google AdWords and website display ads.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  This refers to a series of tactics and strategies, both on-site and off-site,  that help search engines find your website and ensure it is found on the internet and help convert those website visitors to leads and sales.  SEO includes maximizing your entire digital footprint including such things as your social media, directory listings and reviews. It also includes technical points on your site such as loading speed, titles and tags and many other elements.

Why bother with SEO.  Why not just buy ads and keywords?

Ads and keywords are important for sure, but the reality is that most people will click on organic results. Keep in mind that the first 5 businesses listed organically get 67% of clicks!  SEO drives organic results.  When SEO is an ongoing activity you will see better and better results over time.


What is PPC?  I have it but I don’t really understand it.

Pay per click is search engine marketing.  It’s a simple model where you pay a fee each time someone searches online and clicks on your ad. Google AdWords is by far the best known. Buying keywords is just one step in the process. PPC can be very effective if done properly but it’s also one of the most common ways businesses waste advertising dollars because of bad strategy. Remember that approximately 85% of people research online before making a purchase decision. These are customers ready to buy and Google is the gatekeeper.  Our PPC experts know how to unlock the gate and drive these customers to your business.


Do I need social media?  Can it really help my bottom line?

This is a great big YES.  Properly done, social media delivers one of the least expensive, best targeted advertising opportunities available.  It can boost the reach and frequency of your current advertising for a fraction of the cost of other media.Our social strategists are tops in the field and can show you how to use social media to get more bang for your advertising buck!


Why do I need professional social media.  Why can’t I have someone in the office maintain the accounts.

We like to say it’s a little like cutting your own hair.  Sure you can do it, but the results will not be ideal.

Facebook and Google benefit the most when non-professionals handle social media marketing because most do not understand the strategies and techniques that make for an efficient advertising campaign. It’s a proven fact that most social media amateurs spend considerably more money to generate poorer results than their professional counterparts

Just like traditional media, it takes professional experience to get the best results for your money.  Our team has years of professional experience with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Why do salespeople need social media training?

For starters 78% of salespeople who use social media sales techniques outperform their peers and are more likely to achieve their sales goals. It seems like a no-brainer but statistics show that only one in four know how to use it properly to generate sales. We train sales teams to use social in a way that helps drive revenue and goals.