the new skills for nascar - Social Media Drives NASCAR SponsorshipsBy Sherri Brennen
Eastpark Consulting

In today’s economy, drivers don’t just compete on the track; they also compete for sponsorship dollars. One way up-and-coming drivers are attracting sponsors is with social media.

Advertisers know that social media influence can translate to bigger sales and that makes social savvy drivers more valuable as brand ambassadors.

Add the fact that NASCAR fans are the most brand-loyal in the sports industry, partnering with a driver that brings along a community of potential customers is a great marketing deal.

And advertisers are taking notice. Eighty four percent of companies plan to launch a social media “influencer campaign” in the next year.

Plus, reporters, talent scouts and sports writers regularly search social media for the next great photo, quote or young talent feature story, bringing even more attention to the driver.
The potential payoff has caused many NASCAR hopefuls to hire marketing professionals to help them develop their personal brand on social media. They understand that success on social media comes with a cost. Like they say in NASCAR, speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?
Eastpark Consulting has worked with NASCAR drivers on social media strategy.

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