By Sherri Brennensports radio social media success - The Ultimate Media Mix- Social Media and Sports Radio
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Reaching men with an efficient CPM (cost-per-thousand) has always been a challenge for marketers.  But a blend of old school and new media has turned out to be a home run for getting a  message in front of a strong male demo.

Save thousands in your marketing budget with a strategic mix of sports radio commercials supplemented with social media ads-all targeted to men.

Why sports radio and social media?

The typical sports radio audience is 75%-95% male, a much more efficient way to reach a male demo  even when compared to popular NFL games on TV.   It’s simply a more efficient use of your advertising dollars.

The audience is affluent.  This is an audience of men with discretionary income who can afford to buy.

Engagement is the holy grail of today’s best marketers.  No one is more engaged than a sports radio listener.  And they listen for long periods of time.  A perfect environment to tell them about your business.

Final scores are a great place with extremely high listener engagement.  This is the perfect environment for your commercial.  Sponsorships of a radio scoreboard tend to be affordable and very memorable.

It’s fast and affordable.  Producing a radio commercial can be inexpensive or even free.  Social Media ads are simple to create and both radio and social media ads are easy to change to keep your campaign fresh.

Facebook is a strong social media choice for men for two reasons.  Two thirds of online men use Facebook and  there are clear differences between how men and women use it.

Men are more deliberate on Facebook and are less likely to browse.  They are more likely to click on a relevant Facebook ad than women:  60% for men vs 48% for women.

How to craft a simple and effective campaign.

A simple formula is a great place to start.  Assign the largest share of your budget  to a sports talk radio campaign and support it with social media ads starting with Facebook.

We recommend a mix of 80/20 if you’re selling a product (80% of your dollars on radio and 20% on social media) and 70/30 if you’re advertising a service.

Create a separate budget and strategy for Google AdWords and any other SEO/SEM activity and you’re all set.   A great male oriented marketing plan that is simple, affordable and effective.


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